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This page highlights people. Just people. Just people from Birmingham doing a great job, at whatever it is they do, in the best place they could possibly do it.

1. Meet La’Vinnia Holliday


La’Vinnia Holliday set down with me for a quick chat hours before the show.

” It’s only God! In spite of everything… It’s only God”

Originally a native of Florida, La’Vinnia  Holliday founded Alabama International Fashion Week.  A designer herself, Holliday noticed a lack of diversity in other weeks, however she emphasizes that it’s not a competition. She told me, “I want to see people come together.” She described fashion, music, art, and culture as one entity where no piece can be left out.

After two years of grinding to make it happen, ABIFW launched their first fashion week this month. Didn’t hear about it? Well, you will next year (You should check my things to do page so you don’t miss out on other great events) .  Holliday says that her goal is not to compete with other fashion weeks in the state, but to build more diversity into the fashion industry. In fact, bridging cultural gaps is a part of their mission. “There is talent here. Why are people made to feel that they have to go to Atlanta?”  This may be true, but the staff definitely had to overcome obstacles to make the show happen.  Holliday spoke of having designers pull out of the show due to fears of how it would be received. The show must go on, and it did.  Due to the dedication of her staff, Holliday was able to put on the show with very little sponsorship.  ” It’s only God! In spite of everything… It’s only God”, says Holliday. I look forward to seeing the show next year.  You can check out their website here.

The show featured designs from La’Vinnia’s swim wear line named after her children,  Camille Anthony, as well as other designers including:  Daniel Grier of Splash’d by DKG  and Kaysia J. of Kaysia J Designs.  Check out some of my favorite looks below.

Keep grinding Lavinnia Holdiay!

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