Sound of Birmingham Underground


Whoa! Am I actually writing a new post?  It’s actually the first one in 2015 and the year is almost over…do you see those honey baked hams flying?!

Ok, seriously:

I went to an event last night that was so fresh that I had to write a post. When something cool is happening in Birmingham, I just get soooo excited that I even want your mama to know.

Before I even tell you what it was just  do me a favor and watch this video:

Do you feel the shivers running down your spine? That tall class of water is local artinista  Jazz’Mine Ja’Nis.


My soul is in love.#soundmate

Mind blown.

(I’m seriously trying to take her to dinner, so she can become my best friend… AND if you are in the mood for a good playlist check out her sound cloud:

Where did I find her? At Mic Check 2015.  Continue reading

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