A City Girl’s Guide To: A Taste of Uptown

Last weekend was a pretty good weekend for me. It was so good, that I’m just now posting a review of the events I attended a week later. My bad, guys. I’ll try to make the post pretty short, but I promise there will be lots of great pics.

So I went to two events last weekend. The first was a Taste of Uptown. The second was Alabama International Fashion week. Be on the look out for another post very soon… Here’s a quick run down of the first event:

The “taste” featured appetizer sized portions of food from each of the seven restaurants located in the new entrainment district: Bottle & Bone, Cantina Laredo, Mugshots, Octane Coffee Bar, Texas de Brazil, Todd English P.U.B., and The Southern Kitchen + Bar (the first two are not opened yet).

The event was sold out, and proceeds went to benefit the Jones Valley Teaching Farm. I met some of the new AmeriCorps fellows. They’re really doing some great work.

…Let’s get to the food!

(In no particular order)

Texas de Brazil-

-My top choice for best taste! The steak was tender and well seasoned. The potatoes were creamy and whipped to perfection!

Cantina Laredo

– I like that they make custom guacamole, but I love Mexican food and this didn’t  exactly make me do cartwheels. It definitely wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t that authentic style Mexican that a true foodie would go crazy for. However, I looked over their menu, and my mind might be changed when they are up and running with a full kitchen.


Todd English Pub

-I wasn’t too fond of the raw tuna(That’s a personal preference), but the chicken pot pie was amazing. This is coming from a girl who HATES chicken pot pie. I have never eaten a chicken pot pie like that in my life. It’s more like a creamy stew and the breading was flaky like a croissant.



Coffee and a pastry. It’s hard to go wrong here.




-Mugshots is not a new restaurant for me.  The food is generally good and satisfying.They have them  in a lot of other places, just like your Chilli’s, TGI Friday’s or Apples Bees. It didn’t really excite  the foodie in me, but the socialite in me was like “ok, cool.”

The Southern Kitchen + Bar

– I really like the bar aspect of The Southern Kitchen. I would put on  a long dress and meet some friends for a drink on the rooftop any day of the week. I may even happen to order food while I’m there. How I feel about the actual food depends on how you look at it. I mean it’s pretty good for bar food, but it’s not impressive for restaurant food.  It’s really hard to impress me when it comes soul food.  However, to their credit they didn’t skimp on the portions. Kudos to them for that. All in all, I recommend The Southern Kitchen for its  bar atmosphere.  If you’re looking for a light-hearted bar where you can take some out-of-town friends, I would suggest The Southern Kitchen.

(Unfortunately, Bottle & Bone ran out of food before I could get some. They had one of the longest lines though, and I heard they were good.  Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to try their food some day soon.)

{UPDATE: Bottle & Bone is amazing! They actually emailed me a $10 gift certificate!!!! I plan on  being there as soon as the doors open on October 1st.  PLUS, if you sign up for their mailing list you can get a free $5 gift card. Check it out here! Don’t you love free stuff?}


This was my first time at Uptown, and it is truly a gorgeous facility. I am so proud of Birmingham. I like that there are  public restrooms, and the good sized lawn area. The VIP tent and stage area were set up on the lawn and  there was still  enough space for a small crowd to lay out.  (Now that I think about it,  this would be the perfect location for an ice-cream spot.)

Plus, there was a performance by Alabama  Music Hall of  Fame inductee Donnie Fritts.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Special shout out to one of the sponsors, B-Metro. They were live blogging with one my favs, Erica Bunker of DIY Style. She’s an amazing seamstress. Im blessed to have had the pleasure of meeting at the See Jane Write Blogger’sConference.

3 thoughts on “A City Girl’s Guide To: A Taste of Uptown

  1. Kirsten, I don’t if you saw my updated post, but Bottle & Bone isn’t open yet. They are set to open October 1st. If you go to their Facebook page you can get a $5 gift card.


  2. Bottle & Bone? They’re open there, too? Why have I heard of all the other restaurants except that one? I’m slipping! Moving on…

    Speaking of authentic Mexican food, not that I am a fan of it myself, but have you ever tried El Barrio on 2nd Ave? If you have, let me know what you think! Been there before but I never have eaten there. I hear their special-made meatloaf is terrific.


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