SNEAK PEEK: Five on Five, A City Girl’s Guide to Food OFFICIAL LAUNCH AUGUST 1ST

There are so many new and good  restaurants popping up in Birmingham. One of them is definitely  Five Bar . Located in the Lakeview area, Five is a short drive from the heart of downtown. My sister has been telling me about this place for months. It was great to finally be able to check it out for myself. Here are five reasons you should check Five out:


1. Lower Quantity = Higher Quality

The name Five describes their  number of main dishes. There are also five appetizers and five specials.  I’m told that these dishes can change slightly based on the season. Here is a picture of the dinner menu board:


You can also see a paper copy of the menu and prices here.  I ordered the baked avocado for an appetizer and  the paneed chicken  with a strawberry lemondade for the main. The baked avocado was honestly one of the most deliciously creative things I’ve ever tasted.

Baked Avocado  with bacon, shrimp, and spicy sauce.

Baked Avocado with bacon, shrimp, and spicy sauce.

Paneed Chicken in a shallot caper cream sauce with mashed potatoes (Sorry, I took a couple bites out of it first)

Paneed Chicken in a shallot caper cream sauce with mashed potatoes (Sorry, I took a couple bites out of it first)


Strawberry lemonade made with Tito’s, muddled strawberries, lemonade, Sprite, simple syrup  (Can be made with or without alcohol. This one is a virgin)

2. Inside and Outside Dining 

If there is anything I miss about New York and DC, it is the outdoor dining. In the summer time or early fall, it only feels right to find your self eating while basking in the warmth of the  sun.  However, Alabama summers are so hot that it makes outdoor dining a little tricky. Don’t  worry, Five does it right.  There is a patio covering to shield  you from the blinding sunlight.   I mean, I’d hate to go on a blind date where I actually couldn’t see. ( I must have at least one corny joke in each post)  That leads me to my next reason.

3.Great Date Spot (aka you don’t have to shout to talk)


 I think music is a really important  aspect of a restaurant. It sets the tone and creates a vibe that can make a place feel good, warm, young, old, or whatever. I hate going places that seem really cool, but the music is too loud. You either have to yell in order to have a conversation or you just give up  talking  all together. There ends up being a whole lot of head nodding and smiling even though you have no idea what the person next to you just said.  I like Five, because the music was cool, but not too loud. They play a lot of  hits from people like Bruno Mars and other artists who kinda go over well with everyone.

4. Late Night Doesn’t Mean Wait All Night


My mama always says, “You’ll come for the  food, but you’ll come back for the great service.” Okay, my mama doesn’t actually say that, but doesn’t  it sound like something your mama would say? Any who… we arrived a little after 9:00 PM on a Saturday with a party of three and there was no wait. The place was by no means empty, but we still received excellent service. My waitress did attempt to take my plate a little too soon though. People see a skinny girl and just assume I don’t eat.  She wanted to keep things moving. We laughed about it (after she returned my plate, of course!) and she was still an excellent server.

5. Jazz + Brunch!!!

Anybody who has lived in NYC knows about the brunches with bottomless mimosas.  I mean, I’m not really a drinker like that, but I still  love a good brunch. My point is there were always endless places to get a good brunch in the city.  It has become something I looked forward too, and I am hoping to continue that tradition in Birmingham.  On my way out of Five, I discovered that they have brunch on  Sundays with jazz, caramel apple beignets, and  fresh squeezed OJ. (So, you know I’ll be back for a part two of this post next week.) I plan on heading over there right after church on Sunday. I might even go to the early service so I can get to Five before the crowd. The picture above is a copy of the brunch menu I pulled from their website.

While we are on the topic, what’s your favorite place for brunch in Birmingham? Be sure to include whether it’s  on Saturday or Sunday as a comment below.

Happy Eating Birmingham!



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