I may be in a new city, but I’ve got the same style. I was  out with my sister at NowVision Eye Care when I  decided to take a stroll down 1st Avenue South. I was in an excellent mood.  The air  felt so amazingly fresh. (Sorry, New York.) Plus, I can never keep from smiling when I know my entire  outfit cost less than $70.  Oh… please ignore the wrinkles. I’m still cute right?



What’s  that dirt  in the background? I found out that the Rotary Club of Birmingham is building a new green walking trail that will extend from Railroad Park  to the  new Sloss Furnace business district. It will cover the old railroad track way.  You can check out a video of the final product  here.  It reminds me of The High Line in Manhattan, but lower. I maybe late, but cut me some slack I’m new in town… kinda.  Well, anyway,  this gives me a reason to revisit getting a bicycle.  I’ve never felt the “like riding a bike” reference was accurate, but it’s probably just because I’m clumsy.  Hey, with this new trail, I might finally get the hang of it!


Photo Credit: Sam Jasper, NowVision Photography


I’m not sure if you could tell my top is peplum (several people asked me what that means so I’m adding a definition below). The pic below  doesn’t quite capture it either though.  So, I’m adding it just for funsies! For my formal friends  (or former students),  it’s on the internet, so it must be a word. See the post from Urban Dictionary below:

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 11.10.19 PM


Taken from

Taken from

Photo Credit: Sam Jasper, NowVision Photography


Nurses aren’t the only ones wearing a comfortable pair of white shoes today. Quick question: Do you believe in only wearing white shoes before Labor day? Leave your answer as a comment.

Photo Credit: Sam Jasper, NowVision Photography

This is a lifestyle blog, so I promise everything  will not be about what I’m wearing.  I just luck up sometimes.  Happy Living!

   Shirt- 10.98 H&M

Jeans- 7.80 Forever 21

Shoes- 14.98 Forever 21 (Sale)

Necklace- 19.99 Aldo (Sale)

Blazer- Old

Frames- NowVision Eye Care (Birmingham)

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